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  • Since established on Mar.,2004, we developed “VOLAB”brand serie laboratory furnitures, provide one stop service for kinds of ...
  • PHOENIX E&T Co is a hi-technical venture company which has own application solutions for fingerprint  identificationdoor Lock through fingerprint identification algorithms ...
  • As the sole dental material manufacturer in China, BAOT marks the beginning of dental material production in domestic market ...
  • ZHONGSHAN FRENB ELECTIRC PRODUCT CO.,LTDRENB is a professional home appliances manufacturer specialized in the development, ...
  • About Us


    is a comprehensive owned trade enterprise, covering the fields of agricultures, seafood, trade, travel, consulting services. VIETNAM ROKO Co.,ltd is open for new forms of cooperation and partnerships with businesses worldwide. It has already established stable trade relationship with the customers from  many countries and regions. Our service principle is "Star Service, absolute Sincerity and Perfection".

    Main products for export & import: coffee, seafood - fish oil and other fishes’ products, agricultural products: cashew nut, rice, , wine, pepper, rubber material…, wooden furniture, automobiles and spare parts, household electrical appliance, electric products, metal products, mineral products, drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, garments, textile raw materials, bedding pieces, feather and down products, toys, stationery and sports goods, native and by-animal products, embroideries-texttile-garment, bags and suitcases, hats and shoes, gloves, the four treasures of the study, special arts and crafts, Artwork ceramics and building ceramics, natural stones, grass, bamboo and wicker woven products, etc.

    Your Sincerely,
    Ph.D Director
    Ms Pham Thi Thanh Loan
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