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  • Import and Export of goods

  • ROLO unit has many years of experience in the field of exports, imports and the professional staff will assist our customers with the total package, including the closed segment follows:

    - Consultant or Customer Representative sourcing , negotiating , negotiating and signing the contract of sale with the conditions of contract and overseas best price
    - International payment ( L / C , TTR or direct payment ... etc. )
    - Monitor incoming or outgoing goods in the import and export
    - Please types of licenses depending on the export side or import
    - Order , container leasing , chartering , as the bill of lading ( bill ) for export or import
    - Consult determine the customs value declaration , accuracy taxes payable
    - Prepare documents and customs procedures are carried out in accordance with regulations
    - Carry out registration procedures , quality control , inspection , ...
    - Customs clearance and transportation of goods in warehouses as required for imports
    - Transfer , consultation rates , make a declaration of origin ( for cars , motorcycles and construction machines ... etc. )
    - Buy the cargo insurance to avoid risks of each other during import
    - Consulting , accurate estimation of costs ( bills and no bills ) : helps enterprises calculate the total cost of shipment to import or export may determine the purchase price or selling price goods .

    Use of Roko services will save money over you are free to go to work and help businesses get the sale prices in the market competition . Roko receive service for different types of export and import of the following:

    - Import Business , Export Business

    - Enter investment , tax or investment Export tax exemption

    - Outsourcing contract , outsourcing Import , Export processing

    - Import of raw materials for the production of export goods

    - Temporary import - Re-export , temporary export - Re- entry

    - Import and export of export processing enterprises

    - Export reciprocal spot Export , Import and Export transition

    - Import and Export non-tradable ( goods for donation, aid , embassy ... )

    If you have any questions or need advice needed please contact us via phone or email the company to meet the requirements or the best advice !