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  • Printer Canon LBP 2900 Laser Printer


  • New printing technologies to help you get the job done faster :

    • With fast print speeds up to 12 copies / minute in monochrome , LBP 2900 printer helps you to print faster with reasonable price .
    • Two new technological breakthrough is Canon CAPT 2.1 and Hi - SCoA was redesigned in the process , improve efficiency
    • CAPT 2.1 aka Advanced Printing Technology Canon 's help feature extraction to promote computer printing your work , instead of having to spend money to upgrade your computer's memory
    • Hi - Tech SCoA or structure helps advanced lossless compression of the data you need in a space that allows for you to transfer data from the computer to the printer quickly
    • This is the first machine in the line is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface for high-speed file transfer faster can

    No paper jams clogged or operation :

    • New technology breakthrough enables the Canon LBP2900 printer superiority compared to other competitors on the ability to use and operate
    • You can be assured because the machine uses the paper path shorter U-shaped paper path this kind of clogging or jamming . So it will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your work .
    • You can completely rely on this printer when machine working under high pressure to resolve or when a large amount of work

    Boot up time :

    • Printer LBP2900 starts printing immediately in standby mode without any loss boot time .
    • This feature breakthrough brought by Demand Fixing technology Canon's exclusive
    • With consideration how the laser printer can work well , On-Demand Fixing technology allows heat transfer to the dry ingredients immediately . So it will save energy and reduce startup time

    Compact, lighter all :

    • You will have feelings at first sight for LBP2900 printer because it looks very compact and impressive . So , this printer is ideal for small environments .
    • Small size , 370 x 251 x 217mm ( W x D x H ) , and lighter weight of 5.7 kg (excluding ink cartridges )
    • Designed with compact size , reasonable price , printer LBP2900 can be deployed in a configuration for one , one for the majority . For example can be used to support the customer service staff , or in other positions .

    Warranty 12 months