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  • Since established on Mar.,2004, we developed “VOLAB”brand serie laboratory furnitures, provide one stop service for kinds of ...
  • PHOENIX E&T Co is a hi-technical venture company which has own application solutions for fingerprint  identificationdoor Lock through fingerprint identification algorithms ...
  • As the sole dental material manufacturer in China, BAOT marks the beginning of dental material production in domestic market ...
  • ZHONGSHAN FRENB ELECTIRC PRODUCT CO.,LTDRENB is a professional home appliances manufacturer specialized in the development, ...
  • HD ultra portable projector for iPhone


  • After Joybee GP1 Mini version , BenQ continues projectors unveiled a new mobile generation Joybee GP2 named Mini, with improvements in brightness while still size and weight as its predecessor similarities . Model weighs just 565g and is integrated 4W power supply inside . Users can plug your iPhone or iPod directly into the projector and video playback thanks to the integrated dock on top .

    The projectors of BenQ mobile broadcast photos can reach a maximum size of 160 inch projector if the room is dark enough . Comes with integrated speakers that can play music lets in standby mode . Built- in battery can help GP2 screened continuously for 3 hours .
    Actual size projector BenQ Joybee GP2 optimum is 44 inches at a distance of 1 meter , using DLP technology allows to achieve 720p HD resolution , 2.400:1 contrast ratio and brightness of 200 ANSI lumens . In addition to the HDMI port to connect to a computer player or HD player , Joybee GP2 is available in 2GB memory to store data .

    Currently BenQ Joybee mini projector launched GP2 form for the iPhone and iPod users with the official price $ 699 , but if you buy from Amazon only cost 549 USD .
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